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    from AMA Workforce Inc.

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    companies in the industry.

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  • AMA Workforce Inc. supports various industrial clients and businesses in the Greater Toronto Area.

    AMA Workforce provides valuable assistance in making available both temporary and permanent support staff on demand and on a regular basis.

    This has enabled both individuals within the community and businesses to stay productive.

  • AMA Workforce Inc. works hand in hand and very hard with its clients to develop a realistic and workable relationship that is beneficial to the local community, the client, our agency and its staff.

  • AMA Workforce Inc. provides timely service of pickup and delivery of support staff and thorough briefing of client’s premises and rules to all our support staff before beginning any assignment.

  • AMA Workforce Inc. provides coverage of statutory requirements such as WSIB, CPP, EI, Vacation pay and T-4 Slips to save clients’ costs and valuable resources.

    AMA Workforce Inc. has gained sound reputation in all areas it has its clients. Thus, it can provide credible references upon request.

We are committed to deliver excellence in everything we do. Our staff knows that the only way we can become a successful business is by making you happy.

Feel confident that you are receiving exceptional services by choosing AMA Workforce Inc.